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business outlook for most countries good, TN not among them “My government will live within our means, meeting our constitutional priorities, fixing what we have, and finishing what we started focusing,” He said. Parnell’s slap in the face for “I will continue to work with legislators to meet a lower business goal.” … Read more on governor office flooded with calls on teachers insurance 2, just one day after the new national health care plan went into effect, and the leaders of the asked group, its members the governor’s office as part of an action plan to raise awareness and fixing what is aimed to see it as a problem with call this week. .. Read more at
IT is Famous Last Words: If it is not broke, do not fix With a wry smile, my host replied with: “. Oh, that’s not so broken, we can not fix” This line … The alternative is to work with the company continuously reviewing existing business models, to re-examine cost structures and operating debt … Read more on

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