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Nepal: framed Ongoing fundamental change and Social Market Economy The political discourse of the CA-I shows a vision of the social market economy, a third way between Washington consensus-based, market-oriented development strategies that Nepal has been practiced and the Beijing consensus on the role of the built state … Read more on

Can Obama save his legacy? | World Finance The expectation that Obama was surrounded so high that many people thought he would be sent to be able to solve the largest financial crisis in almost a century, while at the same time the overhaul much criticized health sector of the to improve the country and … Read more on World Finance

not overly afraid of inflation, yet! Inflation expectations are to dye your investment strategies, particularly potentially long-tailed aspirations as financial freedom in a time of rising life expectancy and uncertain health care costs. Currently, inflation expectations are muted, unless you … Read more on Dunwoody Crier

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