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Get your weekly dose of being (financially) came in the back with a side of negative equity, motivation , Baby Steps and the victory STORIES! YEAH! How are YO … Video Rating: 4/5 uses a pitcher and a glass of water demonstrate the effects of minimum credit card payments. This video uses a simple [...] Read more

Why Debt Collectors Lie about receiving a payment, we never?

debt collectors in general and debt buyers, often above a receipt from us, that we have never done . Why would they do that? The a … Video Rating: 5/5 Read more

Consumer Credit and Debt: Someone Owes You Money

animation on the debt collection problems because of money and is owed money. Video Rating: 5/5 Read more

Robo-Signing New Bank Scam Bill you for their debt

caution banks with threats to get you to debts that may not even be you-http :/ / pay … Video Rating: 4/5 28 September 2011 Fellow Montanans, as you know, I’m together with my colleagues to come up with a plan to cut debt our nation. I’ll find everythi … Read more

PCS Business Debt Relief Debt Help

PCS Debt Relief is” The most trusted Debt Relief Agency “in the nation. We offer a no up-front costs or fees. We enable you to take care of your debt take the path … Video Rating: 0/5 Read more

DEBT BEAT: The Truth about minimum payments to your credit card. Debt Settlement industry.

mobile devices, see: Our Video Blog “Debt Beat” we have some of the basic things to share the disadvantages … Video Rating: 0/5 As start the new year with a 30 day detox debts under the guidance of a financial expert Hannah McQueen. Video Rating: 5/5 Read more

Holiday Specials Cole Credit Repair is to eliminate your debt for the year 2012

Email: Phone: 18882479481 Skype: CourtneyColetv I have many DIY Market packages listed and even the new version “DO I. .. Read more

DEBT Episode 1 debt, a great invention

Video Rating: 1/5 Read more

Obama economy – raising the debt ceiling is not increased our fault!

Obama – raising the debt ceiling does not increase our national debt! Welcome to anti-business! “Liberal” Lunatic mass murder war criminal usurper / Illegal Al … Read more

Dealing with claims and debt management If your company is not on a COD basis work – you may be wondering: “How can you get your customers … Video Rating: 0/5 HERE IS THE SITE creditors in trade winston Shrout Jack Smith Gordon Hall Brandon Adams robert menard accepted for value Read more
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